Visible Braces Brackets

Visible Braces Brackets

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    Visible brackets are used to correct the position of the teeth with the braces placed on the outside of the teeth. Metal, ceramic or sapphire braces are ideal option for children and teenagers, as well as for adults who do not mind wearing visible brackets.

    As each patient is unique, your treatment will take into account your own individual needs. At Ortodoncia Tres Torres we specialise in braces and will tell you if visible brackets are the best option for you. Once we have diagnosed your problem and told you how long possible treatment will take, we will quote you a fixed price with 0% finance. Make an appointment with no obligation!

    Characteristics of visible braces

    Characteristics of visible braces


    They are fastened to the
    outside of the teeth.


    They can be metallic or transparent;
    ceramic or sapphire brackets.


    The average time to get used to them is only about 10 days.


    Orthodontics with brackets is Ideal for children and teenagers.


    Brackets are highly effective

    Brackets are highly effective

    Brackets can be used in 100% of cases and are equally as effective as other types of braces. Brackets, either metallic or ceramic, are very resistant, so this traditional treatment ensures the predicted results.

    SLBs are highly effective and the check-up visits last 25% less time than with other treatments. Esthetic braces also have the advantage of being discreet due to their transparency and are recommended for patients with allergic reactions to metal, as they do not contain alloys.

    In addition, when visible braces are used, veneers to fill holes after dental extractions can be inserted.

    Brackets are ideal
    for children and teenagers

    Brackets are ideal for children and teenagers

    This is the most economical and resistant type of brace and particularly recommended for children and young people. It’s even possible to use coloured rubber bands on the braces. We highly recommend brackets brackets if you are between 10 and 18 years old, or an adult needing treatment for many different dental problems including malocclusions.

    Ortodoncia Tres Torres finance



    The price of orthodontics with braces will depend on the complexity of the treatment.

    Although each case must be analyzed individually based on different factors, as a guide the cost of visible orthodontics with braces starts at €2,500.

    Correctly choosing the appropriate approach is of vital importance for the patient to achieve the desired result. Fixed orthodontic treatment is not the same as removable, which is why the prices cannot be the same either. In fact, when considering the method to choose, sometimes it is necessary to carry out previous dental or periodontal treatments that must be taken into account.

    In our clinic we will analyze your specific situation in a first recognition consultation. During this visit, after a brief questionnaire about your general and dental health, we take extraoral and intraoral photos and, after a clinical examination, we evaluate the malocclusion and explain the diagnosis and procedure to the patient. At Ortodoncia Tres Torres the first examination and diagnosis visit is free and without obligation.

    Orthodontic financing with braces in easy terms without interest

    In addition to an orthodontic budget with fixed appliances adapted to each diagnosis, we offer the patient personalized financing, interest-free!, in comfortable monthly installments, and without the need to provide any type of documentation. Visit us and we will give you a no-obligation assessment to find out which procedure is most appropriate for your case.